Scribner Motor Crate

Scribner Motor Crate

SKU : Scribner Engine Crate
Weight: 10.00 lbs

The 5175 Go Kart Engine Container can be utilized for a variety of small engines.

Engine Crate fits the following engines:

  • CR125 
  • CR80
  • ICC and KZ engines - TM, Maxter, Vortex, Pavesi
  • Briggs Animal and LO 206
  • Honda GX
  • Iame MY09, Leopard, X30
  • Rotax Max and Evo
  • Yamaha
  • Yamaha YF

Swedetech usually stocks and ships the Blue color.  Other colors are available with special orders

Engine Crate Interior Dimensions 

  • Height - 12.7"
  • Width - Base - 17.2"
  • Width - Top - 15.7

Swedetech does not sell or use the plastic insert.  The original design incorportates the insert to bolt the engine to the insert, then to the crate base.  SwedeTech bolts the engine directly to the crate base.

When ordering, please type in the engine and style mount that you are using.

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