Vortex RoK Shifter

SwedeTech designed and built parts, accessories, and tools for the Vortex Rok Cup Shifter Engine package.


Clevis, Clutch lever KZ - Rok

Clevis, Clutch Lever for KZ or Vortex RoK
SKU : Clevis, clutch lever KZ Rok
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Engine Clamp - pair

SwedeTech designed engine mount clamp available in 4 sizes and 2 bolting options

SKU : Engine Clamp - pair
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SRE ICC KZ Exhaust Deflector

SwedeTech Designed Exhaust Deflector, ICC/KZ/Vortex Rok
SKU : SRE ICC KZ Exhaust Deflector
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SRE Vortex Shift Arm Extension

SRE Vortex Rok Shifter Shift Arm Extension
SKU : SRE Vortex Shift Arm Extension
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Stainless Steel Ground Wire

Stainless Steel Braided Ground Wire
SKU : SRE-Ground-Wire
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SwedeTech ICC KZ Clutch Cable

SwedeTech ICC KZ and Vortex ROK Clutch Cable Assembly
SKU : SRE ICC KZ Clutch Cable
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