Keihin Rubber Jet Block

Rubber Keihin Jet Block

SKU : Keihin Jet Block
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SRE EZ Clip Tool

SwedeTech EZ Clip Tool
SKU : SRE EZ Clip Tool
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SRE Dell'orto Main Jet Driver

SRE Dell'orto Main Jet Driver

SKU : Dellorto Jet Driver - SRE Versio
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Bux Circlip Install Tool

Circlip Installation Tool, BUX
SKU : BUX Circlip Tool
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Fuel Line Pliers Clamp

Pliers for 1/8" - 3/8" fuel line or other type of plumbing.
SKU : WPS-57-8025
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Hardline Hour Meter

Hour Meter with 2 trip meters
SKU : Hardline-8063
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Maxima Quick 2 Mix

Maxima Quick 2 Mix Measuring Cup
SKU : Quick 2 Mix - 78-9830
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12mm Combo Wrench - CR125 Nuts

12mm Combo Wrench - CR125 Nuts
SKU : 12mm Combo Wrench
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SRE Keihin Slide Cover

SwedeTech designed Keihin Slide (throttle valve) Protector

SKU : SRE Keihin Slide Sleeve
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Plug, Pro Circuit

Pro Circuit Plug for Airboxes and Exhausts - 1 each
SKU : Plug, Pro Circuit
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Chain Break - 428

#428 Deluxe Chain Breaker

SKU : RLV0770
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Puller, CR80-CR500 Flywheel

Flywheel Puller, Motion Pro MP1 62-2015
SKU : Puller, Motion Pro MP1
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