Engine Parts / Accessories

Engine Hard Parts (internal) and engine accessories (external and bolt on) for many kart racing engine applications.  If you are looking for engines and complete engine pacakges, visit our Engines Category.

If you are unable to find a certain part, please contact the Swedetech office.

Engine hard parts and bolt on accessories for Honda CR125, Honda CR80, Honda CR250, Iame X30, Iame Parilla Leopard, Rotax Max, TM k9 and KZ packages, Maxter ICC and KZ, and Vortex RoK Cup Engines.

Honda CR125 Stock Moto
156 products

Honda CR125 Modified
144 products

Honda CR80 - All
77 products

Honda CR250 - All
58 products

Iame MY09 Parilla Leopard
20 products

Iame X30
22 products

Maxter ICC KZ
12 products

Pavesi ICC Evolution
21 products

Rotax Max Micro
13 products

Rotax Max Mini
13 products

Rotax Max Jr
13 products

Rotax Max Sr
13 products

35 products

Vortex RoK Shifter
32 products

Vortex Rok GP
7 products