Sprocket, Chains, and Drivetrain

Honda CR125 Stock Moto front countershaft sprockets, chains, and other drivetrain / shifting related accessories.


Bolt, Sprocket CR125

CR125 shoulder bolt for countershaft sprockets
SKU : 90112-413-000
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CR125 Countershaft Sprocket -428

428 pitch front sprocket / countershaft sprocket for the 1997-2002 CR125 engines used in kart racing. 

SKU : 551X-1X-428
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EZ Clip Replacement, 3 Pack

EZ Clip Replacement, 3 Pack
SKU : EZ Clip 3-Pack
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Honda CR125 Drive Train Bundle

Complete Sprocket Set for Honda CR125 Engine and 50mm Rear axle using the 428 Pitch Chain.

SKU : CR125-428-Bundle
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RK 428 Master Link

RK 428 Masterlink

SKU : RK428 Master Link
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Spring Washer, Sprocket CR125

CR125 spring washer for countershaft sprockets

SKU : 90501-HB9-003 / 90501-KA3-741
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SRE CR125 EZ Clip

SwedeTech designed EZ Clip specifically for the 1999 - 2002 Honda CR125 Engines. The EZ Clip system replaces the OEM Bolt and spring washer that is difficult to remove and replace on a racing kart application.

SKU : SRE CR125 EZ Clip
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SRE CR125 J Arm

Shift J-arm, Honda CR125 (SwedeTech)
SKU : SRE CR125 J Arm
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SRE EZ Clip Tool

SwedeTech EZ Clip Tool
SKU : SRE EZ Clip Tool
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