Honda CR125 Modified

This section will contain parts used on the Honda CR125 Modified (for karting use) engine packages. This may include aftermarket parts not available from Honda such as head o-rings, SwedeTech intake systems, or other items used specifically for the Honda CR125 Modified / Blueprinted packages.

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CR125 Clutch Components
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CR125 Electrical
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CR125 Exhaust
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CR125 Intake and Carburetion
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CR125 Modified - Top End Parts
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Honda CR125 Lower End Parts
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Honda CR125 Mounts
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SRE CR125 Power Valve Actuator Plug

SwedeTech Racing Designed power valve actuator plug for the 1997-2002 Honda CR125 engines. Commonly used when the motocross engine is adapted to karting use and the power valve assembly is removed. Plug is installed in the primary cover.

SKU : SRE CR125 P.V. Plug
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SwedeTech Racing Drain Plug - Allen Low Profile

SwedeTech Racing Engines CR125 Drain Plug for use with engine mounts that are adjustable from left to right.
SKU : SRE CR125 Drain Plug
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