SwedeTech Racing Engines

Year after year, Sacramento based SwedeTech continues to supply winning 2-stroke engine packages for the following applications... Shifter Karts (ICC & MOTO - Sprint & Road Racing) TaG Karts (Parilla Leopard & Parilla PUMA - Sprint & Road Racing) Sprint Karts (Parilla ICA, Parilla JICA & Horstman HPV) Motocross Bikes (MX) Supercross Bikes (SX) Grand Prix Motorcycles (Moto GP) ATVs. SwedeTech has spent countless hours developing, through intensive dyno and on-track testing, the Honda CR 80cc Moto, Honda CR 125cc Moto, Maxter ICC, Pavesi ICC, TM ICC, Parilla TaG, Parilla ICA and Parilla JICA engines, for use in club and national level racing programs. Shifter Kart Illustrated was started by the same individual behind the EKartingNews website. In 2001, SwedeTech was award the Engine Builder of the Year. After winning the title three years in a row, the award category was removed. With the introduction of the numerous kart specific ICC and KZ 125cc motors from Europe, SwedeTech has worked closely with the top ICC engine manufacturers, to ensure that Swedetech power plants continue to provide a true and significant competitive edge in today's club, regional and national level shifter kart racing. This knowledge has carried over into the very popular class powered by the Honda CR125 engine. Today, many shifter kart drivers find their vehicle powered by a SwedeTech Stock Moto package.


SwedeTech Decal Assortment

Free SwedeTech decals and stickers ranging in size 2" - 12"

SKU : SwedeTech Decal Assortment
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Clevis, Clutch lever KZ - Rok

Clevis, Clutch Lever for KZ or Vortex RoK
SKU : Clevis, clutch lever KZ Rok
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SKU : o-ring
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SRE CR125 Flywheel Cover - Ignition

SwedeTech designed the stainless steel stator and flywheel cover to be low profile, while allowing for adequate protection of the driver and the rotating ignition flywheel.
SKU : SRE CR125 Ignition Flywheel Cvr
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SRE CR125 Power Valve Cover - 1999

SRE CR125 Power Valve Cover - 1994 - 1999

SKU : SRE CR125 Cover - 1999
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SRE CR125 Cdi Holder

CR125 CDI Holder for Stock Moto applications. Kit includes bracket, 3 anodized gold aluminum spacers, and 3 bolts.

SKU : SRE CR125 Cdi Holder
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SRE Vortex Shift Arm Extension

SRE Vortex Rok Shifter Shift Arm Extension
SKU : SRE Vortex Shift Arm Extension
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SwedeTech T-Shirt w Vertical Logo

SwedeTech Racing T-Shirt

Available colors in black, Antique Cardinal (red), grey, white, Antique Sapphire (blue), Antique Heliconia (Purplish-Pinkish)

Available sizes in adult small, medium, large, XLarge, and XX large (limited qty's)

SKU : T-Shirt-Vertical-Logo
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SwedeTech ICC KZ Clutch Cable

SwedeTech ICC KZ and Vortex ROK Clutch Cable Assembly
SKU : SRE ICC KZ Clutch Cable
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SRE ICC KZ Exhaust Deflector

SwedeTech Designed Exhaust Deflector, ICC/KZ/Vortex Rok
SKU : SRE ICC KZ Exhaust Deflector
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Engine Clamp - pair

SwedeTech designed engine mount clamp available in 4 sizes and 2 bolting options

SKU : Engine Clamp - pair
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Throttle Cable Kit

Swedetech Throttle cable kit includes Cable housing with nylon insert, braided throttle cable, 2 aluminum end caps, and cable clamp.
SKU : Throttle Cable Kit
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