O-Ring Exhaust - 10 Pack

O-Ring Exhaust - 10 Pack

SKU : ORing Exhaust - 10 pack
Weight: 0.50 lbs
10 pack of Exhaust O-ring for Honda CR125 and Honda CR80 engines using an aftermarket O-ring Exhaust Flange. O-rings are made from Viton. Check your application and measurements before ordering. This is important for O-ring life, especially with the CR125 manifolds and the many different exhaust pipes available.

Before replacing exhaust O-rings, inspect the exhaust pipe manifold and the exhaust pipe socket for wear, damage, and sharp edges. Improper fit of exhaust pipe and weak exhaust springs will lead to early replacement of o-rings. O-ring replacement should be part of routine maintenance.

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Exhaust O-Ring Application
Nut, Acorn Tech Seal Dellorto Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit Inner Pilot Jet, Dellorto D13086

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