Air Filter Hose Clamp 60-80mm

Air Filter Hose Clamp 60-80mm

SKU : Hose Clamp 60 - 80 mm
Weight: 0.50 lbs
The 60mm - 80mm Norma Hose Clamp is used on the Intake Airbox or Air Filter. This item will fit most applications that use a 2 7/8" OD Air box boot.

Clamp is 9mm Wide.

NORMACLAMP® TORRO® is the most widely produced and accepted embossed band worm-gear clamp available in the world. The TORRO has set the standard for modern hose clamp design and is specially suited for applications under high mechanical load. SwedeTech Racing stocks the best hose clamps so a "$3.00 part" doesn't ruin your race weekend. Features 9mm (3/8") band Per SAE standard J1508 Type "FEO" Applications Coolant lines Fuel lines and vent lines Oil lines Water treatment and sewage Connections in engine design Connections in the appliance industry Hose connections in automotive and commercial vehicles
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