SRE CR125 J Arm
SwedeTech Designed CR125 Shifter Arm Proper case clearance compared to cheap J arms 10mm Head pinch bolt for easier access while installed on chassis Adjustable Leverage points to fit many different chassis linkage designs

SRE CR125 J Arm

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Weight: 1.00 lbs
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Many of our competitors sell an alternative CR125 J-arm because it is cheap for the end user, but the product is low quality. For years, SwedeTech has been modifying these J arms for proper case clearance, proper spline fit, and proper clamping operation. After writing a list of things wrong with available products, SwedeTech designed this shift lever for the Honda CR125 engine package.

Features include:

  • 3 Adjustable Leverage Positions - measured from the center of the shift shaft to the center of the pivot bolt
    • 50.00mm / 1.935"
    • 67.00mm / 2.650"
    • 84.00mm / 3.320"
  • Threaded shift arm and locking washer to keep pivot bolt secure
  • Round spindle design to minimize flex, bending, and twisting of arm
  • Tumbled and plated for durable finish
  • CNC machined for consistency and quality
    • Properly designed to clear cases, avoiding possible shifting issues
  • Designed to allow removal of chains and sprockets without removing Shift Lever
  • Raised heim joint bosses to minimize contact between shift lever and shift arm
  • Pinch bolt in proper position to capture shift lever

As with many of the SwedeTech branded products, this shift lever has been pushed to the limits for over a year in real track time tests and events, before being made to the general public.  SwedeTech prides ourselves on quality and consistency.  

Before you say to yourself,  "This part is to expensive!", you must ask yourself is a DNF worth $30.00

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Piston, 1999 Honda CR125 Hot Head Cube Kit Piston, 2001 Honda CR125

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