SRE CR125 Case Saver
Case Saver installed on the Honda CR125 Stock Moto CR125 Case Saver kit

SRE CR125 Case Saver

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SwedeTech Designed Honda CR125 Case Saver. For use on Stock Moto and Modified Honda CR125 applications. Proper design allows sprocket and chain clearance up to 19T**. Protect your case and prevent chain wear on the clutch lever boss. CR125 Case Saver is designed to fit between the chain plates to give additional chain clearance not available with other chain guards or case savers. Installs quickly and includes all hardware. SwedeTech designed this Honda CR125 Case Saver to be simple and eliminated excessive material to prevent premature cracking or breaking. Sprocket pictured is 428 19T using the SwedeTech EZ Clip to secure. ** NOTE - Some Chains and Sprockets will require the use of a spacer behind the sprocket or the SwedeTech Road Race EZ Clip to allow for proper case clearance. This will be the situation with or without our case saver.

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CR125 Cylinder, 2001
SRE TM Reeds
Bolt, Sprocket CR125
CR125 Cylinder, 2001 SRE TM Reeds Bolt, Sprocket CR125

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