SRE CR125 Coil Mount

SRE CR125 Coil Mount

SKU : SRE CR125 Coil Mount
Weight: 1.00 lbs

SwedeTech Honda CR125 Coil Mount Kits.

Currently, only the INTAKE MOUNT is available

Kit includes correct hardware to mount on right side of intake manifold and can be used with our straight intake or the Stock Moto intake. We also offer an updated coil mount version that mounts to the clutch primary cover. Kit also includes the solid spacers, ground strap for coil, 1 foot of spark plug wire, and a NGK resistor plug cap. You may need to purchase the additional wire harness kit if your CDI is mounted over 8" away from the coil.

Multiple YouTube Videos for Coil Mounting

How to install the SwedeTech CR125 Coil Mount on the Primary Clutch Cover


How to install the SwedeTech CR125 Coil Mount on the intake manifold (reedcage area)

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Coil Mount Location
OEM 1999 Honda CR125 Exhaust Manifold OE 2001 Honda CR125 Reed Set Seal, Muffler / Silencer to Exhaust

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