Keihin PWK 38 Carburetor

Keihin PWK 38 Carburetor

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SwedeTech recommends the use of the Keihin PWK carburetor for the Junior Stock Moto Applications.  This 38mm can offer a slight improvement in performance for an advanced Junior driver when compared to the 35mm PWK.  Both version sold by Swedetech are the Non-Airstriker models.  

PWK 38mm Jetting specifications (Standard)

  • Main Jet - 172
  • Pilot Jet - 58
  • Needle Jet - DEG
  • Valve Slide - 6.0

The PWK series has a semi-elliptical section valve with a great flow attitude.  The chromed valve has less wearing than other surfaces and the D shape allows the right turbulence to the noozle.  The PWK gives more revs on top and doesn't let the engine go flat. 

The first quarter of throttle will be extremely quick. On half throttle the default enriched carburation will be of help on slick dirt or wet track. Full throttle is where PWK gives its best with perfect mixture and virtually no loose of return-wawe fuel.

The PWK family can be used on both motocross and enduro machines, depends on the needs. Special needs can be covered with the huge needles, jets and valves catalog.

Pictured with the SwedeTech GFS Vent Line Kit.

For Outlaw Karts, Unlimited All Star Muscle Kart, or Modified engine applications, we also offer a Bored Out Option.
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