1999 Honda CR125 Stock Moto Engine only

1999 Honda CR125 Stock Moto Engine only

SKU : 1999 Honda CR125 Stock Moto
Weight: 50.00 lbs

When comparing engines, compare apples to apples. Do not get nickled and dimed after your initial purchase because another store forgot the coil mount, stator cover, upgraded reeds, etc. This is the same spec Stock Moto Package package that has dominated the SKUSA racing scene for the past 10 years.

Keep in mind that most of our engine building competitors purchase their parts from the same sources at similar prices to SwedeTech.

If you see drastically discounted engine packages, ask yourself, "Where and how do they cut corners to make a profit?"

SwedeTech does not cut corners or skimp on testing. We have pride in our name and we want to see as many engine customers in the front of the pack as possible.

SwedeTech's 1999 Honda CR125 Stock Moto package includes:

  • A brand new 1999 Honda CR125 Kit Engine assembled by the professionals at SwedeTech Racing, then ran on our in-house dyno to verify performance. Labor includes unpackaging engine and accessories, generate proper work order, inspect external components for shipping damage, visual inspection of internal parts, measure critical performance tolerances, measure crankshaft for trueness, slip fit crank journals, check gearbox tolerances, power valve installation and blending to specific cylinder, assemble engine per customer request, check C.C., check squish, pressure check crankcase, pressure check water jackets, organize accessories package, and package engine for shipping.

SwedeTech manufactured parts specific to the Honda Stock Moto package includes:

  • SwedeTech coil mount
  • SwedeTech O-ring exhaust flange
    • Senior exhaust manifold is standard.  For classes S1, S2, S3, and S4.  Ages 15 and up
    • Junior exhaust manifold is an available option.  For the S5 junior stock moto classes
      • Includes the proper S5 exhaust manifold and the SKUSA Exhaust Restrictor
  • SwedeTech 1999 power valve stuffers
  • Power valve actuator plug
  • SwedeTech kick starter plug
  • NGK plug cap
  • SwedeTech Carbon Fiber Stock Moto Reed set
  • SwedeTech case saver
  • SwedeTech flywheel / stator cover
  • SwedeTech EZ Clip
  • SwedeTech CR125 Drain Plug
  • SKUSA Ignition Timing Plate

SwedeTech Break In Documents include:

** Documents are only available when an engine is purchased directly from SwedeTech **

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    Motul Kart Grand Prix 1L
    SRE CR125 Exhaust Manifold 02
    TDC 219 Sprocket
    Motul Kart Grand Prix 1L SRE CR125 Exhaust Manifold 02 TDC 219 Sprocket

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