SRE TM Reeds

SRE TM Reeds

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These carbon fiber reeds were designed specifically for use on TM K9/KZ10 125cc 2-stroke engines, by SwedeTech Racing Engines.

Because the reeds control the amount of air / fuel mixture entering the engine, choosing the best reed package is important for getting the maximum amount of horsepower from your 2-cycle TM ICC or KZ engine. Too much or too little air / fuel entering the engine during each cycle will cause a loss of performance.

Another factor in choosing a reed is its potential to damage the engine, in the event of breakage. No reed can be expected to last forever. And, at some point, it is very likely that a reed or part of a reed will break off and get sucked into the engine. A carbon fiber reed will normally break up into little pieces, without doing much damage.

Ideally, you would like to have a high-performance reed that has good longevity and that is less likely to break. SwedeTech developed this reed combination with help of our top Pro Kart drivers.

By purchasing directly from SwedeTech Racing Engines, you ensure yourself that each reed and stiffener has been inspected and meets SwedeTech's tough quality control. Some online shops and kart shops purchase reeds from an alternative source, and label them as SwedeTech.
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