SRE CR80 Coil Mount

SRE CR80 Coil Mount

SKU : SRE CR80 Coil Mount
Weight: 0.50 lbs

SwedeTech is known for developing parts that allow better and cleaner installations of motocross engines for kart racing applications. The SwedeTech CR80 Coil mount is no different. The CR80 bracket is secured to the primary clutch cover.

The kit includes

  • Updated Stainless Steel Mounting bracket (not pictured - orignal style used Gold Anodized Aluminum)
  • Two Rubber isolators
  • Ground Wire
  • Plug Wire
  • Plug Cap
  • Hardware to secure isolators and coil
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CR80 Bearing, Upper - Wiseco Gasket, Head CR80 B10EG - NGK

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