Gravity Feed System

Gravity Feed System

Weight: 5.00 lbs

Are you tired of your engine bogging out of the corner?

Are you tired of a non-responsive throttle of the lower end?

Are you tired of the carburetor that keeps draining into your engine?

Are you tired of scratching your head because your not sure which way to adjust your jets?

Are you tired of your carburetor spilling fuel all over your engine and chassis?

Then you are not using our SwedeTech Gravity Feed System ( GFS ).  Beginning development on this project started with Memo Gidley.  The final product that is now in production was configured with our working relationship with Alex and Mike Speed.  

Between 2010 and 2014, the GFS fuel system has powered 20+ drivers to National Championships .

To explain how the whole system works, you need to break it down into two components. The reservoir mounted above the carburetor is the supply reservoir. 1 fuel pump keeps this reservoir filled at all times. The fuel flowing to the carburetor is not pressurized, but is gravity flowed so the carburetor can work in the manner it was designed.

The lower reservoir works independently, and its purpose is to capture all the excessive fuel from the vent lines and float bowl over flow. The lower reservoir contains the fuel and 1 fuel pump returns this excessive fuel back to the karts fuel tank.

This system comes pre-plumbed for easy installation. You need to run 1 fuel supply line from your karts gas tank, 1 return fuel line to your karts gas tank, install 1 fuel filter, install 1 additional tank air vent, and hook up your carburetor.

This system utilizes a stock carburetor which is not included in the price.

GFS Kit includes: 1 Upper Reservoir ( Magic Can II ), 1 Lower Reservoir, 1 round Mikuni Fuel pump, 1 rectangle Mikuni fuel pump, fuel pump mounting plate and hardware, mounting hardware for both reservoirs, Tygon fuel line ( as pictured ), pulse line, vent lines, and connectors. Carburetor is not included.

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