Piston, 2005 Honda CR125
2005 Honda CR125 Domed Piston with oil lubrication holes 2005 Honda CR125 RS Piston replacement

Piston, 2005 Honda CR125

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Swedetech recommends the use of the 2005 OE Honda CR125 piston as a replacement for the HRC RS125 piston, 13110NX4-781, when used in a modified CR125 kart engine built by Swedetech. The '05 CR125 Piston has a shorter distance from the wristpin to the top of the piston by approximately 0.042" / 1mm. When replacing the HRC RS125 piston installed by SwedeTech, you will need to remove the aluminum spacer plate as a starting point for adjusted gasket thickness.

Once you install the new 05 Piston, you will need to re-check your squish to ensure it is the same as the original specifications.

Swedetech machines 3 oil holes on the exhaust side of the piston skirt to aid in the lubrication and cooling of the center exhaust bridge.
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