SRE Dell'orto Main Jet Driver
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SRE Dell'orto Main Jet Driver

SKU : Dellorto Jet Driver - SRE Versio
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SwedeTech modified a Dell'orto Main Jet wrench to facilitate the easy removal of the float bowl drain plug and the main jet with one tool.

The Dellorto Nut Driver is a captive set up that allows easy removal of the main jet with out dropping the main jet on the ground and in the dirt.

The main jet driver also has a modified handle to loosen and tighten the drain plug.

This tool is for many popular kart engine packages that utilize a Dell'Orto carburetor with a main jet of 8mm diameter.  Engines include the Vortex Rok GP, Vortex Rok Shifter, TM, Maxter, Modena, Pavesi, and Rotax.

Dell'Orto VHSH 30 and PHBE are some examples

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