Maxima Quick 2 Mix

Maxima Quick 2 Mix

SKU : Quick 2 Mix - 78-9830
The Maxima Quick 2 Mix bottle has been calibrated to give you the ability to accurately mix in ratios of 24:1 to 100:1. Simply choose the ratio of oil you wish to use and the amount of gas you are going to mix. Fill oil to the mark corresponding to the amount of gas you will use. For example: To mix 4 gallons of gas at 32:1, fill oil to the 4.0 gallon mark under 32:1 ratio. To mix 6 gallons of gas at 50:1, fill oil to 6.0 gallon mark under 50:1 ratio. etc...If you are using liters of gas, follow the same procedure. The Maxima Quick 2 Mix also features ounce and CC calibrations located on the right side. Use these for you own custom ratios, filling transmission oil, fork oil, etc.

Accurate measurement.
Mixes ounces / CC's.
Mixes gallons / liters.
Convenient cap keeps inside clean.
Durable polypropylene.
Easy to measure.
Compact Size.

Caution: Do not use contact cleaner to clean the Quick 2 Mix bottle. The contact cleaner will wash off the silkscreen printing!
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