SwedeTech CR125 Engine Mount
SwedeTech Designed CR125 Engine Mount Top part of mount is universal and allows the use of both single and double bolt engine clamps Optional Double Bolt Butterfly clamps Standard Single Bolt Butterfly Clamp

SwedeTech CR125 Engine Mount

SKU : SRE CR125 Engine Mount
Weight: 3.50 lbs

Finally a mount that is made correctly for your Honda CR125 shifter kart engine.

The SwedeTech CR125 Engine mount offers the following features.

  • Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Engine mount
  • Chassis clamps designed for either 1 bolt or 2 bolt per clamp option
  • Adjust the engine from left to right for proper clearance ( approximately 8mm, left to right )
  • Engine Mount sits the rear of the engine up to 1" lower than other mounts
  • Hardware securing engine to the mount is the proper sizes to match the Honda Cases
  • Proper machining from front to back, engine will not be twisted when mounted to a straight frame.
  • Proper radius on frame contact point
  • Left side of rear engine mount machined to allow for chassis cross tubing weld clearance
  • Lightening Holes through out the mount
  • Stress Points taken into consideration during the design and machining process
  • Complete assembly weighs 2.75 lbs

This mount may cost a little more than some of the other mounts on the market. Buy the right mount the first time. Save money in the long run.

This is only a reference, for some chassis below.

Contact your chassis Supplier for proper frame rail sizes. CRG, GP, Zanardi, Maranello - 3290 Birel - 3292 or 3092 TonyKart, Kosmic, FA - 3092 or 3292 Intrepid, Praga, OK1 - 3092 or 3292

Q: What do the above numbers mean?

A: 30 or 32 is the Diameter of the engine frame rails. 90 or 92 is the Center to Center Spacing of the engine frame rails. Every model is unique, please measure before ordering.

You can view our Youtube videos on engine mounting here -

Proper Engine Mount Clearance

How To Measure Your Frame Rails

How to Check Engine Mount Clamps or Butterflies for Proper Fit


Suggested Torque Specs - 10mm butterfly bolts - 45-55 ft /lbs 10mm front bolt - 45 - 55 ft lbs 1/2 Rear Engine mount bolt - 80-90 ft lbs 6mm Allen Bolts - 8 - 10 ft / lbs
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Diameter and Spacing of Engine Frame Rails
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