CR125 Countershaft Sprocket -428
CR125 Countershaft sprocket with optional EZ Clip designed by SwedeTech Racing

CR125 Countershaft Sprocket -428

SKU : 551X-1X-428
Weight: 1.00 lbs

428 pitch front sprocket / counter shaft sprocket for the 1997-2002 CR125 engines used in kart racing. Keep in mind, the 428 pitch is not the same as the OEM Motorcycle application chain type, which is 520 for these years. ** SwedeTech usually sells the lightened sprocket (holes) as our primary choice, but due to industry supply, we may occasionally substitute for another quality sprocket that has a solid design. Sprocket sizes available from 14T - 19T

** NOTE - for the 19 T Sprocket, we offer the standard gear and also an option that has a welded spacer, then the front side is machined to allow the use of the EZ Clip system. This is only available on the 19t.

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