2001 SwedeTech CR125 Stock Moto Parts Kit

2001 SwedeTech CR125 Stock Moto Parts Kit

SKU : SRE CR125 01 Stock Moto Parts
Weight: 6.00 lbs
This bundle does not include the carburetor or exhaust pipe, but the parts directly used in the assembly of a stock kit engine.

SwedeTech 2001 Honda CR125 Stock Moto Parts Kit includes the SwedeTech coil mount, SwedeTech 2001 O-ring exhaust flange, SwedeTech 2001 power valve stuffers, Power valve actuator plug, SwedeTech kick starter plug, NGK plug cap, SwedeTech Carbon Fiber Stock Moto Reed set, SwedeTech case saver, SwedeTech flywheel / stator cover, SwedeTech EZ Clip, and SKUSA Stator Timing Plate.
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    OE 2001 Honda CR125 Reed Set SRE CR80 Coil Mount Stainless Steel Ground Wire

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