Vortex Rok Shifter Drive Train

Drive Train for the Rok Shifter Engine including chains, sprockets, and other drive related items.

Parts and accessories for the Italian built Vortex RoK Shifter engine package.

SwedeTech carrys a full line of replacement parts for the Vortex RoK Spec Shifter engines.

Most of our RoK Spec Shifter parts ARE NOT listed on this site, please contact the shop for parts, availability, and questions.


Circlip, Countershaft Sprocket 20mm - 3 pkl

Circlip, Countershaft Sprocket 20mm - 3 pack
SKU : W10560 x3
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SwedeTech ICC KZ Clutch Cable

SwedeTech ICC KZ and Vortex ROK Clutch Cable Assembly
SKU : SRE ICC KZ Clutch Cable
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Vortex Rok Shifter Sprocket

Vortex Rok Shifter Sprocket
SKU : W10555
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