Iame - The Heart of the Kart At IAME, history meets technology. All the experience achieved in more than 50 years of engine production is wisely managed by advanced and last generation machineries. Every unit is managed through sophisticated computers: since the idea of the engine in the designers' mind, is to delivery throughout the world. Technical unit, Research & Development, Quality Control, Production, Race Department, Logistic, all the production units are in constant interaction and, together with the most qualified technicians, and three-dimensional software and structural calculation, inertial test benches, CNC lathes, endoscopies, durometers, microscopes up to 1000 magnifications, they give life to the IAME engines: Parilla, Komet, BM and Sirio, products of unquestioned Made In Italy quality.


Copper Spray Gasket - 9oz

Permatex Copper Spray Gasket sealant - for use with OEM Honda CR125 Head Gaskets - check race association for restrictions.
SKU : CopperCote - 9oz
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IAME KA100cc Engine Package

KA100 Engine Package
SKU : IAME KA100cc Engine Package
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IAME SSE175cc Shifter Engine Package

The SSE Super Shifter Spec. showcasing a displacement of 175cc and a Six Speed Gearbox.

SKU : Iame SSE 175cc Engine Package
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Iame X30 Engine Package

The IAME X30 offers modern features, such as the electric starter, the balancer shaft and the water cooling, yet preserving traditional Karting engines aspects, such as the diaphragm carburettor and no power valve.

SKU : Iame X30 Engine Package
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