Honda CR80

SwedeTech Racing has designed a few products for use with the Honda CR80 and CR85 engines for shifter kart applications.


Engine Clamp - pair

SwedeTech designed engine mount clamp available in 4 sizes and 2 bolting options

SKU : Engine Clamp - pair
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Exhaust Silencer Packing

Exhaust Silencer Packing
SKU : Silencer Packing
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GFS Pump Plate w Hardware

GFS Pump Plate with mounting hardware
SKU : GFS-Pump-Plate-w-Hardware
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SKU : o-ring
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SRE CR80 Coil Mount

SwedeTech Designed CR80 Coil Mount for NON OEM mounting applications
SKU : SRE CR80 Coil Mount
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SRE EZ Clip Tool

SwedeTech EZ Clip Tool
SKU : SRE EZ Clip Tool
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Stainless Steel Ground Wire

Stainless Steel Braided Ground Wire
SKU : SRE-Ground-Wire
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