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Having belief in your own ideas and tenaciously pursuing your ambitions: This is the philosophy which has taken Vortex to such great successes. From its inauguration, Vortex has delivered the performance required in order to compete at the highest level and taste the success which comes hand in hand with victory. Since then the brand has grown, and now offers a premium range of karts racing engines.

Vortex forged its reputation within the motor-sport arena as a workshop for the preparation of race engines. During the 1990’s Vortex expanded its capabilities, and became a factory which was able to design, and manufacture engines which were capable of driving to race victories.

Activity first began during the seventies when Giovanni Corona put the wheels in motion by creating a two-stroke engine for motorcross use. During that period, Vortex now based in Pavia, began honing the performance of the two-stroke engine and laid the foundation for numerous victories and huge success within the motorcross scene. It was realised that the engines used in karting have important resemblances to the two-stroke engines used in motorcross.

The key affinities were outlined by Corona who once said

“… The engines used in motorcross and karting have very similar characteristics. In both applications it is vital to have a lot of power at low speeds…”

In the early nineties, Mr. Corona led Vortex to karting, and before long they began to conquer the international karting scene. Working together with long time partners Tony Kart, Vortex gained many victories and enjoyed the taste of success. In 1995, Vortex took the big step up and became a fully fledged engine manufacturer. From their very first outing at the track, the Vortex built two-stroke engine stood out thanks to its refined design and exceptional manufacturing quality. These qualities have been the basis of Vortex products ever since.

During the latter nineties, Vortex Continued to grow, and within a few years Mr. Corona, together with his partners were able to invest in an avant-grade technological structure for the company, and additional personnel to bolster the highly qualified workforce. Devotion and commitment to the cause are second to none at Vortex.

The founders are constantly keeping up to date with the latest news, whilst simultaneously supervising production. During the 2000’s the Vortex portfolio has continued grow, with additional successes both on and off track, and we have extended production of units in all categories. Nowadays, brands such as RAV, RVT, TT and ROK are all synonymous with victory in every karting class, throughout the various continents of the world. Our formidable reputation is something which all of us at Vortex take great pride in, and look to defend with our products and service. Our current projects involve a new seat, which is more functional and complete with the most elaborate and sophisticated equipment. We are also constantly looking at ways to improve our existing products, which have already become undisputed leaders


Circlip, Countershaft Sprocket 20mm - 3 pkl

Circlip, Countershaft Sprocket 20mm - 3 pack
SKU : W10560 x3
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Clutch Pack, Vortex Rok Shifter

Clutch Pack, Vortex Rok Shifter - W10615
SKU : W10615 - Clutch Pack
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Engine Mount - Vortex Rok Shifter

Engine Mount Only - Vortex Rok Shifter
SKU : W10964/RKZ
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Gasket, Intake Vortex Rok Shifter

Gasket, Intake Vortex Rok Shifter
SKU : W10351/RVX1
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Piston Kit, Vortex Shifter

Piston Kit, Vortex Shifter
SKU : W10126/SHF
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Reed Set, Vortex Rok Shifter w Stiffeners

Complete Set of Vortex Rok Shifter Reeds
SKU : Reed Set, Vortex Rok Shifter
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Reed, Lower Split Vortex Rok Shifter

Reed, Lower Split Vortex Rok Shifter - W10221/M
SKU : W10221/M
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Reed, Top Bridged Vortex Rok Shifter

Reed, Top Bridged Vortex Rok Shifter - W10221./1
SKU : W10221./1
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Screw, Vortex Rok Reed Cage - 6 pack

6 pack, Screw Vortex Rok M3x5
SKU : W380 - M3x5 Screw 6 pack
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Stiffener , Lower Split Vortex Rok Shifter

Stiffener, Lower Split Vortex Rok Shifter - W10215
SKU : W10215
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Stiffener ,Top Bridged Vortex Rok Shifter

Stiffener, Top Bridged Vortex Rok Shifter - W10216
SKU : W10216
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Vortex RoK Cup Shifter

Vortex RoK Cup Shifter package

SKU : Vortex RoK Cup Shifter
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