Fuel Line- 1/4"  - 25ft
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Fuel Line- 1/4" - 25ft

SKU : Fuel-Line-1/4-25ft
Weight: 3.00 lbs
** 25 FT Length ** Over time, all fuel line hardens. SwedeTech prefers this 1/4" (0.25") I.D. brand of fuel line for the following reasons:
durability to various fuels
minimal discoloration
good resistance to abrasion
proper fit around fuel system nipples and connections
resistance to kinks when routing on a karting application

Sold in bulk, 25' lengths (Discounted)

Available in Blue, Clear, Green, Red, and Orange
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SRE CR125 1999 O-ringed Exhaust manifold Clutch Plate, Honda CR125 SRE Vortex Shift Arm Extension

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