Bux Circlip Install Tool
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Bux Circlip Install Tool

SKU : BUX Circlip Tool
Weight: 1.00 lbs
The C-Clipper takes all the drudgery out of the job. No more fiddling with long-nose pliers (SwedeTech NOTE -- DONT EVER USE PLIERS) and little screwdrivers. One push and you’re done, in less than 15 seconds a side, every time.
If you repair two or four stroke engines — especially those high maintenance sport versions — you won’t want to do another rebuild without it.
Kits are available for most popular two-stroke and four-stroke sport engines including:
-off-road bikes
-street bikes
-shifter karts
-jet skis
-personal watercraft
-marine outboards
-sport compact racers
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